Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Xixi no Banho

One great way to save water! As recommended by the Brazilians.
Xixi no Banho

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Friday, August 21, 2009

eternal + bliss

I had an interview today! I will not tell you anything about it because I might jinx my possibilities. But I had an interview, and that helped alleviate the i-don't-have-a-job -(aside from the GI doc's office)-what-is-wrong-with-me-I-must-be-a-terrible-person-and-lazy melt-down from yesterday. But, i know I'm not alone in this, and something will work out, and my life is amazingly good aside from the not knowing what I'm doing with my future bit.

Also, going to the temple helps me feel less crazy and more centered. I've been called to serve as a temple worker, so every Friday afternoon from 3-7 you'll find me in the Manhattan temple (66th and Broadway), soaking in the peace and trying to help others have a good experience as well. I love going there because of the light I feel. I also love going there because after feeding my spirit, I feed my sweet tooth with goodies, often from yummy local bakeries like Magnolias and Levain Bakery. Mmm, i love it. Today I treated myself to some ice cream sandwiches from my fridge, and when I say some, I mean I really did eat a few while lying here in my bed in front of the AC and watching hulu.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Motorcycles and leapin' salmon

My friend Tyson works for Air Canada. He also happens to be a rather hip and interesting individual that I'm working on getting to know better, and so when he invited me to go to Vancouver Island with him on a motorcycle trip this last weekend, I jumped at the chance. Well, that is, after I questioned his motorcycle riding record, type of bike (1982 Yamaha, which can't really go faster than the speed limit), and riding style. After ascertaining that he was responsible (despite daredevil antics elsewhere, he promised to be safe, and he was), I jumped at the chance to go to beautiful BC. Aside from the motorcycle and lovely scenery, he also promised an uncle Tom at the family reunion who can cook salmon in 17 different ways, which was really the main selling point. Oh man, was it delicious. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about that smoked salmon. Mmmmm. i'm going to just take a moment thinking about this.

Okay, done licking my lips, although I might just find myself at the Chelsea market tomorrow for some lox. Back to vancouver. One of the highlights of the trip was reconnecting with an old friend, McKay (Alanna, you remember him?) who went to Tanzania a year before I did. I haven't seen him in what, 7 years now? So what a treat to get to spend some time with him, since he and Tyson also go way back (Mormon world is very, very small). More smoked salmon was involved with that meeting and lunch by the lake. Thanks to some connections Tyson has (by the way, i think he has more hook-ups than any other person I know, he manages to find everything for free), we made our way across the world's longest suspension bridge! I can't remember the name, but it stretched over this canyon, and we were very, very high up. Heights make me a little nervous, but it was nothing compared to watching people leaping to their deaths on a bridge going bungee jumping or on this ridiculous thing called the "King Swing" which is essentially a thousand foot drop straight down and then swinging away just before you hit the water. My heart just about stopped beating just watching that. I thoguht I was brave, but i know my limits. And my limits were jumping from a respectable, albeit small, cliff into a nearby river and rope swinging. I will not tell you how long it took me to build enough courage to do either of those activities, because you will mock me, but luckily Tyson was kind enough not to mock me for it, at least to my face. He, on the other hand, dove right in off of a much higher cliff, but then again, he is very manly and rather brave, and slightly crazy too, I think.

I haven't spent much time on motorcycle, aside from a few shorter trips with Andy back in 2003. But boy, with the wind at your back, and sun on your face, it is quite a fantastic experience. Ok, so really, the wind couldn't really get to my back because I was the designated backpack carrier (that's what I get for not knowing how to drive) and the sun didn't much touch our faces under the space helmets we wore (but we were SAFE), but still, you know what I mean. it was rather liberating to be on a bike on the road, amongst the trees, by the ocean... ah. I almost felt like part of the brotherhood of motorcyclists. but not quite, since Tyson didn't have a handlebar mustache (nor did I for that matter, but many of the female riders in Canada did), and we had to push start the bike every time (that may have hurt our street cred just a tad). It was lovely. I got to ride on a ferry boat! On the ocean! And see purple starfish (did you know they were purple? I thought they were always orange!)! AND, i got to see a bunch of orcas swimming! That was pretty darn magical. I have a thing for sea mammals. I really was hoping to see some seals ( do so love piles of furry animals), but no luck, ah well.

So now I'm back home. I went into the GI doctor's office again today to work, and daydreamed about breathing fresh air between booking colonoscopies. I think there is something to be said for escaping life every once in a while. And for friends with airline privileges.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My celebrity sighting

Yeah, that's Susan Rice, the US Ambassador to the UN. She is way
better than any rock star or actress and I was pretty giddy to shake
her hand.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fruit of my labors

I went peach picking in Connecticut with the church ladies. 22 lbs, 5
lbs of blueberries, 3 lbs of plums, a bruised knee, sun kissed cheeks
and hours in the car and laughing with the ladies filled the day.
Homemade peach jam and bread were the ultimate outcome. And it was
good too! Which was a surprise, because I had no idea how to make it
and spent hours over a hot stove dressed in a moomoo (hey it was
rather warm inthe kitchen and k was home alone!), lamenting the lack
of thickness and whether I had added enough sugar and then whether I
had added too much and then it burnt to the bottom... Anyway, I'm
still proud, and I took some to the office and gave a slice to an old
lady, and she said it was really good. And if an old lady says that,
then it really must be.