Monday, February 28, 2011

What's so great about the Beatles?

Sure, I know their songs. Catchy little tunes. But, I've never quite gotten the obsession. So, thanks to my friend Todd, I'm listening to ever Beatles album in chronological order. It will take me a while. And I won't do it all at the same time. But, here we go.

Album 1: Please Please Me, March 22, 1963.
According to Rolling Stone, this album contained evidence of "[their invention of] the idea of the self-contained rock band, writing their own hits and playing their own instruments." According to Wikipedia, the Beatles had two singles (Please Please Me and Love Me Do) and had to come up with 10 more songs for the album, which they recorded in one day in 9 hours, 45 minutes. Lennon was sick, so they saved the rowdy Twist and Shout for the last song on the album to spare his voice. Please Please Me wasn't released in the US as an album until cds were invented and then as part of an anthology.

I saw her standing there- A classic, but not my favorite.
Misery- This is the cheeriest sad song i've ever heard in my life. I kind of dig it. I like the "I remember all the little things we've done..." downward progression.
Anna (Go to him) - I really like the guitar riff at the beginning of this song. I feel like this song was copied by a bunch of other oldies artists- it reminds me of a bunch of other songs.
Chains- Elvis?
Boys- Boring.
Ask me why
Please Please Me- the title track, hit single. Am I impressed by the brilliance of Lennon and McCartney yet, like the early adopters in the UK? Meh.
Love me do- nice harmony. but the lyrics could probably use a little more to them. Well, all the songs could be a little bit more complicated with their lyrics. Okay, 3rd time with the chorus, this song is boring me.
P.S. I love you
Baby it's you- who is singing here? that voice is kind of dreamy.
Do you want to know a secret- I love this song. It makes me bop my head in such a pleasant way.
A taste of honey- This is a song where the pageboy haircuts really came in handy.
There's a place- I swear they've been playing the same three chords the whole album.
Twist and Shout- You know, I have always confused the first few notes of Twist and Shout and La Bamba (are they even that similar? i have no idea). Nothing against the Beatles, but i always secretly wish it were La Bamba. Sue me, i saw the Richie Vallens movie on tv as a kid and it seemed so tragic, so obviously I was sold.

32.6 minutes later, album 1 is done.