Monday, November 30, 2009

mystery google

I don't know if you've ever tried mystery google (it's all the rage with middle schoolers I think). I did today, and feeling slightly down about my future, I typed "what should I do with my life?"

The response?

Robbie William's "I'm on a mission." Now, you may think, wow, how amazing and it must be a sign, which is what i initially thought. And then i read the lyrics. All I have to say is, well, I think I'm going to give figuring it out on my own a go. Or, I'm screwed.

"I'm on a mission"

To abuse my position
Abuse it with you

Love, I'm a cynical bitch
I'm gonna scratch that itch
With a bitch like you

Harder thinkers make me miserable
Everything is unforgivable
If not for you
I wouldnt come at all

Find a place to crash
(Boom boom, boom boom labida)
Move your phoney ass
(Boom boom, boom boom labida)

Love me like I'm cash
(Boom boom, boom boom labida)
You can feel the clash
(Boom boom, boom boom labida)


If theres a freak in here
Looking for someone like me
I fit their description

Boom boom boom
I bet they'll desert you
They would if they met you
Met you with me

Every move you make is poetry
They all fake what you do naturally
If not for you
I wouldnt come at all

Find a place to crash
(Boom boom, boom boom labida)
Move your phoney ass
(Boom boom, boom boom labida)

Love me like I'm cash
(Boom boom, boom boom labida)
You can see the clash
(Boom boom, boom boom labida)

Kiss me with your mouth
Teach me with your brain
All right

Oh yeah, oh yeah

Things that I say
When I say nothing at all
It leaves a taste in my stomach
And its no taste at all

I can sing, I can't dance
But it don't stop me at all
Its a ball and I'll call , if I call you at all

Love is the reason but it wont pay my rent
Only baloney fill your dish in the dent
I wont be happy till the moneys been spent
I forget to forget, oh forget, oh forget

Thursday, November 19, 2009

who are these?

How do you even begin to think that this is a good idea? I watched this whole thing with my mouth gaping open.

Tim Burton

The MoMA has an exhibit on Tim Burton that just opened yesterday for a members preview (thanks parents for the great christmas gift last year!) and so I went on over there with my lovely friend Karly (visiting from san Diego) and Sindri (welcome to funemployment). I love his drawings and ideas-- he is pretty much a 13 year old boy who never grew up and managed to become successful drawing monsters. Just morbid enough to be fun but not really scary. Go see the exhibit if you are in town!

This is Vincent, a short film by Tim Burton.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I wish I could've taken pictures of the Swedish circus I went to on friday night (shout out to Melissa! you are the best!), but alas, BAM doesn't allow that. Check out this brief video of Cirkus Cikor on the BAM website. Although there were no elephants (and we all know how much i adore elephants) it was still by far the best circus I have ever been. Granted, ic an't remember the last time I went to a circus, but my impression is that there are scary clowns, bad music, and abused animals. This one had no abused animals, amazing music, and the type of acrobatic feats that made me gasp and wish that I'd spent more time hanging upsidedown in trees or learned to juggle instead of reading books or watching tv. There was this guy who twirled around in a giant metal circle doing tricks and a lady... i can't describe it. Next time, just be ready to drop everything for a magical night.

I think i want to learn to juggle. 10 minutes a day should do it, right?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I believe in a thing called love

I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Love Story Thief  
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I believe in a thing called love.mp3 (11289 KB)

Once upon a time, Sarah created an alter-ego super-hero called dating girl, because she felt that you almost had to be a superhero to be a successful dater and to believe in love. Dating girl soon became somewhat of a legend around our group of friends, and helped countless women, down on their dating luck, believe in themselves and in love. Sarah is departing the world of dating girl and shared her thoughts on love with us.

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