Wednesday, March 2, 2011

With the Beatles

I've already found a hole in Todd's supposed "complete" Beatles collection. So, thanks to YouTube I'm managing to dig up these songs one by one from With the Beatles (also released as Beatlemania! With the Beatles in 1964 in the North America with a few changes). I'm supposed to be getting ready for work, but keep getting distracted looking up these songs. Plus, they are catchy. And I can't find my pants. Which means it's a frantic half dance, half tearing my room apart in my underwear sort of morning.

Album 2: With the Beatles, November 22, 1663
(*means song was covered by the Beatles, written by someone else)
It won't be long- Rock out, Beatles! Am I hearing things, or does this have more umph in the music? I like.
All I've got to do
All my loving- Again, lyrics could have more to say, but i do so love the head bobbing quality of this song.
Don't bother me- This is how I'm beginning to feel about not finding my pants. Really, black pants? "I can't believe that she (my pants) would leave me all alone... I know that i'll never be the same, if I can never get her back again...But until she's here, please stay away don't come around (it's not a sight you want to see)"
Little Child- (unpacking my laundry basket yet again...)
*Till there was you- Paul McCartney, you were such an adorable stick of a boy back then. To think, this is one of the most romantic songs ever (at least, judging by the number of times it has been used in romantic comedy weddings). But I must say, there is something about it that just makes the heart flutter a little. Well played, Beatles, well played. I've also resigned myself to wearing my brown pants since the black ones are nowhere to be seen. sigh.
*Please Mister Postman- I swear Sesame Street covered this song. This one demonstrates a bit more complexity than the songs on the first album.
*Roll Over Beethoven- Chuck Berry cover. All i can think of is a Saint Bernard dog with drool.
Hold Me Tight-This song is terrible. Sorry.
*You Really Got a Hold on Me- Oh Smoky Robertson, what a smooth song. I'm noticing that I think my favorites on this album are songs the Beatles are covering by other artists. Hmm.
I wanna be your Man- still waiting to be convinced...
*Devil in Her Heart-
Not a Second Time- The songs by the Beatles are really... simple? simple. Catchy, but lack something in depth. But watch this video, Ringo is a darling dancer and i wish more men would wear speedos like John.
*Money (That's what I want)- Can't help but love this songs. Speaks the truth, don't it? Every so often, i have those thoughts that maybe i should just marry for money. Really, "love" hasn't worked out so well, why not do it for a little money? that is what I want. (just kidding. sort of)

So, at the conclusion of record #2... honestly, my faves were probably the ones that were written by others. But the Beatles did a fine job covering them. And I did a fine job finally covering myself and getting out the door (I hate clothing drama! and I have to do this all over again tomorrow... sigh).