Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Magnets by The Love Story Thief Listen on Posterous

D.C. to New Mexico. To Puerto Rico. To Guatemala. To New York. No matter how far away Sarah went, something always drew her back to D.C. and, more importantly, to Neel. Hearts like magnets.

Music credit: "Since I Fell for You" by Nina Simone

***Warning- there is one expletive in this interview, at 8:11.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

well, hello again, summer

Summertime rolls around, and here I am up late at night having a sudden hankering to blog. It probably has something to do with the rhubarb crumb cake cooling in the kitchen (thank you Smitten Kitchen). Or maybe the hum of the AC on this hot, hot night (seriously? a week ago it was sweater weather). Whatever it is, I'm itchy. or was that achy? I fell off my bike today, my entirely too overloaded self falling right off into the street when the grocery bag on the handlebar decided to get caught in the front tire. Right hand is a little bit sore and I wonder if it will impeded the rock climbing (Yes! It's what I do these days. i'm a climber).

In any case, I'm distracted and itchy to create, but since the cake is already made and it is too late to sew (the neighbors will complain because my sewing machine sounds like basketball dribbling) and I need to do more interviews for my podcast so I'll have something to edit... all that leaves me with is writing.

Have you ever considered joining the Army? No? me neither. Except that this last week or so I've suddenly really wanted to join. not for any noble reason, and as most of you know I'm pretty against the war(s). But I think that is maybe exactly why I've been thinking about it-- because it would be so strange and out of character for me to do it. The choices I've made in life have eliminated this as an option. And right now, i'm feeling kind of miffed about it. Don't get me wrong, i know I've made good choices and I'm happy here. but there are a series of choices that are no longer really options for me because of who i've become. i can't join the army. i can't move into a cave with a Bedouin in Jordan. I can't litter. I can't get a chest tattoo. I can't become a surgeon. I can't get addicted to crack and have an illegitimate baby. You might say that all of that is for the best, and I would agree. But there is that little part of me that still, would just like those things to still be options.

I think it's going to be an itchy summer and I wonder where it will take me. I am taking suggestions.